About Me

Myers Family #crewof8

Hi! I’m Angie Myers, mom of 6, that turned an idea into a product in less than a year. The Original My “Buddy” Towel® was created out of frustration!

My daughter would always use 3 towels after a bath. (1 around her shoulders, 1 for her hair, and one wrapped around her waist!) I was tired of the unnecessary towel laundry piling up!

I turned to google to hopefully buy a solution. (Google can solve everything, right?) Well my search resulted in more frustration-realizing there wasn’t a perfect solution!

Yes, there were hooded kids towels, or bath robes, but we’ve already tried those with no luck! (they left her legs exposed and were made with polyester which left her feeling sopping wet) I needed something with full coverage and something absorbent.

Bath after bath hoping she’d use just 1 towel, maybe 2, but nope always 3. I had that nagging gut feeling that wouldn’t go away- I needed to create a full body towel!

I told my husband about my idea. He bought me a sewing machine and simply said, “go for it!” I bought 2 large bath towels, traced my daughter, cut them out, and sewed them together. It wasn’t perfect or functional! (She couldn’t fit her leg in it!) But it gave my family a better picture of what I was trying to make.

So, again I turned to google. This time to figure out how I can make a functional solution to our ongoing problem! One thing led to another and google became my best friend!

I had factory made prototypes within 2 weeks. Made a couple measurement tweaks and 2 weeks after that I had unboxed the frog and pink flamingo prototypes!

It was so exciting seeing my idea come to life! My kids were excited as well. My daughter used them right away and ever since she only uses 1 towel-The Original My “Buddy” Towel®♥️

It’s amazing what can happen when you follow your intuition. After realizing I had a unique, never been created idea that’s cute and fun for kids(bonus it solved our problem) I wanted to share with others so I ordered my 1st batch of inventory. Then a second, now a third!

I’ve had to learn as I go. (Thanks to google,my family, and this wonderful entrepreneur community!)

My “Buddy” Towel has taken me on an incredible momprenuer journey! One opportunity after another as I’ve traveled acrossed the USA. I’ve had success with-

•Entrepreneur Live Events including being on season 2 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch and connecting with former contestants such as Karina and Jared Rabin (Hangomatic®) and Jody Harris (YukBgone®)
•HSN American Dreams Academy in Washington DC(where I met Daymond John (shark tank)and Erin Borges(go go gift bags®)
•Shark Tank Auditions in Dallas where I got a contact that help me create my own content and organically grow it.
•Winning Scores American Small Business Champion, (which included an all expense paid trip to Reno NV.
•Getting a registered LLC, a Trademark and design Patent.
•I got my product into the Butter Bean Boutiques, Pirate Bay waterparks, as well as started an online Shopify Store.
•Going to The Las Vegas Licensing Expo, Meeting an organization called WIT (women in toys)
•Being featured on My Cool Inventions and being named Best in Show of the week, (web series hosted by AKOS from Evine TVnetwork)
•interviews on podcasts such as Invention Stories, Start Up Nation, ceo mom, Pitch investors live with Kevin and Brian Harrington.
•multiple Press releases, newspaper features,tv news gift guide features, and blog articles.
•I Reached out (and met some) celebrities and bloggers which resulted in exposure from shout outs,shares,likes, and giveaways by Tommy on Fuller House, (played by The Messitt Twins)Tiffany Jenkins from Juggling the Jenkins, Dr. Oz producer, Dan Caldwell (TapOut brand), Amber Portwood from teen mom, singer songwriter Aaron Watson, and most recently Cat and Nat that are huge Mommy bloggers!
•Product of the year 2018 by babyMaternity Magazine
•named SB100 winner 2018
•being named Scores GRAND Champion and winning an all expense paid trip to Washington DC and $15,000!
•Graduating from a Stillwater Small Business accelerator class, which led to a Chamber of Commerce member and being recognized at a lunch awards.
•featured on iHeartRadio Show in NY called Passage to profit and that week show winner! Meeting Kevin Lane inventor of Create A Castle®, and Lisa Ascolese the Inventress!

2018 has been more than great to me. 2019 is getting off to a great start as well.

•I was nominated by “WIT” for wonder women award as a rising star nominee-and attended the awards ceremony in NY in February. There were more than 700 attendees including Nickelodeon and Disney producers and buyers! (And I checked out NYToyFair while I was there)

•2 speaking engagements scheduled including One Million Cups!

• Zulily launched three- 3day sales of My“Buddy”Towels!!

•$2500 grant Winner at Tulsa Start up series 
•I pitched at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo and was chosen top 10 out of 2,000 applicants! (And ran into Daymond John again!)

•I completed Goldman-Sachs 10,000 women coursana course. 

•My Buddy Towel won 2019 Product of the year award from Creative Child Magazine!

•I was invited back on Iheartradio Passage to Profit Show in NYC and met Dave Anderson, The Business Bully!

•I attended the Aowie event in Lakewood New Jersey, and pitched as a top 5 contestant! (A shark tank recruiter was on the panel!) 

• I was one of the lucky ones chosen to go to Florida to pitch to QVC/HSN for The Next Big Find.

•August 2019 I entered a contest for a Side Hustle Showdown segment on Good Morning America’s 3rd hour with Strahan and Sara! (Now Kiki too!) I was one of 6 chosen! We competed against eachother and I win 1st runner up winning $10,000! I met the amazing GMA crew and Kim Perell (Author and start up mentor) and Joy Mangano inventor of The Miracle Mop®️

• I attended a WIT conference in which I got to Pitch the Brands! Hasbro and Wicked cool toys To name a couple. I met Angie Cella inventor of Blinger®️! 

•October 2019 I attended A 2 day Made In America Event in Indianapolis. I met a lot of people including Mike Lindell, The inventor of My Pillow®️ and Josh Malone, inventor of BunchOBalloons®️! 

2020- I am collaborating with Mike Lindell and his Platform called My Store to sell My Buddy Towels on his website! I am also looking forward to making adult size My Buddy Towels! 


With this experience I can tell you learn to be grateful everyday, one thing leads to another, one door closes another will open. Do not expect instant success, but believe you will be successful -and the rest is history!